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"Mobile technology has enabled today’s workforce to work and operate beyond the confines of the traditional four-walled office space."

- Gallup


Mobility is transforming the ?eld service industry. With the use of mobile technologies, organizations are better positioned to reduce costs, raise productivity, and generate revenue while in?uencing brand perception, delivering superior service, and meeting customer demands. Research suggest, there are six innate advantages of workplace mobility, these include; increased collaboration, improved ?exibility, enhanced communication, a tailored user experience, reduced talent churn and increased revenue potential.

Integrated and extended Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Field Service Cloud and E-Business Suite



  • Extending Oracle Service Cloud with Mobility
  • Simplifying the Field Service Automation Experience
  • Mobilize asset-centric or paper-intensive tasks
  • Increasing speed, efficiency and visibility
  • Increase productivity and reduce errors