Businesses look for viable technology platforms that can meet their tailored needs. Adopting PaaS4SaaS allows customization, extension building, and easy application deployment.  It seamlessly extends SaaS applications with existing design and development principles.

  • Java Cloud Service – SaaS Extension: Develop extensions to run along with core SaaS offering for Oracle Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, any HCM Cloud or ERP Cloud Application.
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: To add mobile capabilities to your Oracle Sales Cloud applications.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service: Integrate the application in just a few clicks.
  • Oracle Process Cloud Service: Extend SaaS applications and augment business processes.
  • Document Cloud Service: Offers cloud-based sharing of documents for SaaS documents.


  • Rapid Building Integration
  • Extension Building and Reporting Capabilities
  • Combine Various Proficiencies


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