Paperless Office

At a time when almost every employee, customer, student or constituent has access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to conduct their day-to-day business, the use of hardcopies and paper-based workflows is becoming obsolete.

Sofbang’s Paperless Office offering is part of our suite of Business Process Extensions, addressing the need to move toward a paperless office to help improve business efficiencies and achieve cost reductions. We have partnered with Oracle and Canon Information & Imaging Solutions (CIIS), utilizing the Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) and Oracle Fusion Middleware platform to automate current paper intensive operations.

EIP is an Oracle SOA-based platform that is readily configurable to streamline document processing for integration into enterprise systems such as your ERP, CRM, ECM, Financials, and Human Resource applications.

Solution Features

  • Scanning & Initial Case Intake Integration
  • Procure-to-Pay Processing Automation
  • Document OCR processing for automated metadata extraction with workflow
  • Accounts Payable streamlined processing
  • Data extraction from multi-formatted intake forms
  • ERP extension for initial processing, without having to customize ERP


  • Connects and enables easy access to information stored in multiple enterprise applications.
  • Connect enterprise applications to input and output devices and to your workforce.
  • Limit the number of human errors related to manual paper handling.
  • Integrate multiple enterprise applications within one automated business solution.

Case Studies / Resources