Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services are set up to provide you the service you need with the right resources to keep your business processes running. Sofbang can meet your IT management needs whether they are on-premise, remote or cloud based. Our expertise is with Oracle Fusion Middleware managed services from application development, support and systems management.

If an application is off the shelf or custom made, the need for administration and support is always present. Sofbang is there to help provide you the level of administration and support to keep your business processes running smoothly. As changes come along, our support staff addresses them in a timely manner. We focus on preventative maintenance as we Design for Change keeping in mind that something can come along causing a change in the wrong direction. Mitigating its impact is our objective. Our trained staff has expertise in development of applications so when called to implement application modification; they can be readily executed to meet the ever-changing business environment. Not only do we support applications, but also the systems they reside on. System administration and monitoring are a part of our overall IT administration and support.

Solution Features

  • Trained staff with ability to support multiple technologies at the same time.
  • Ability to work within existing support organization as an integrated partner.
  • Application monitoring utilizing standard industry tools.


  • Ability to build into applications custom alerts.
  • Reduce your IT support costs.
  • Enhance your IT support staff with highly skilled Sofbang resources.
  • Our Design for Change approach seeks out and removes problem areas.

Case Studies / Resources