Cloud Enablement

When you consider Cloud Computing as part of a larger move towards more effective IT management and integration, you will see the greatest returns on investment. The benefits of the cloud can only be fully achieved when your environment is fully in sync.

Becoming a cloud-enabled organization requires a clearly defined and comprehensive strategy to obtain the benefits that only the cloud can deliver. The nature of cloud capabilities makes it increasingly more straightforward for organizations to open new channels, expand into new geographies and target new customers. It can even play a pivotal role in developing new products and services.

Cloud is challenging the traditional business model in many industries and changing the game. Implementing cloud has a fundamental impact—not only on IT but across your entire organization. It impacts the way you operate, as well as interact with and provide services to your customers. Let Sofbang help your organization map its path to the cloud. 

Solution Features

  • Cloud Enablement Consulting
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Oracle Cloud Enablement (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS)
  • Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Managed IT Services & DevOps


  • Reduce your IT support costs
  • Ability to expand as needed and support staggered growth
  • Secure system keeps critical data protected and in compliance with the latest regulations
  • Better understanding of how cloud can help your organization

Case Studies / Resources